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Sergio Asti

Sergio Asti has always dealt with issues relating to the architecture, the Furniture and Industrial Design. After graduating in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, has spent five years as Assistant Professor of Interior Design. Many are his projects and realizations, Architecture and Furniture, Exhibition of Layouts: both Italy and abroad. Many of his works have been published in magazines and books both in Italy and abroad. In the area of ​​I. D. was among the first in the '50s, to address this problem.He is one of the founders of ADI, which is currently an honorary member. He served on various committees and executive committees of the same work ADI.
He has taught courses related to teaching ID at the Superior Institute of Art in Venice and abroad, at the Experimental Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
He has lectured widely abroad: France, Germany, Portugal, USA, Japan, China, India, Thailand, as well as in Italy. He has participated in numerous juries for competitions of Architecture and ID He collaborates with various, the most important companies operating in Furnishing, Lighting, Automobile, the Household of Household, the Radio-TV, Ceramics, Glass. There are many awards in various occasions - from the Triennial Golden Compass - the MOMA of N.Y. - Ministry of Industry and Trade French and Japanese - from various exposures of BIO in Ljubljana. It 'been invited several times to achieve personal and group exhibitions: in Italy, Canada, United States, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, France ... Many objects designed by SA are in the collections of major museums and private collections in Italy and abroad. There are numerous publications of his works and his writings on the main books and technical journals and 'Art in Italy and abroad.

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